What are the Key benefits of SLT?


Our vision as a Trust is to ‘feel small’ but enjoy the benefits of a wide network. That’s why we are seeking to form clusters of schools to give an immediate feel of a family of schools there to support each other. At the same time, each school that joins us will benefit from an ‘extended family!’ The resources, ideas and even people required in order to provide each school with the resources, ideas and even people required in order to provide each school the capacity to improve its offer to children might not be in the immediate cluster – hence, to have other clusters to draw from provides the benefits of a medium sized Trust. The Headteacher of new joining schools ALWAYS has the Trust CEO as their line manager (we talk of the CEO line managing the Head ‘on behalf’ of the LGB) so that the Head has immediate access to them and to ensure the transition into the Trust is as seamless and positive as possible.

Some other important aspects to our Multi-academy Trust (MAT)

  • A Sussex Trust, run by Sussex people for Sussex people.
  • Held in wide regard by local authorities and the Regional Directorate.
  • A trust that fervently believes in partnership working.
  • We espouse that “good is not good enough” for our pupils and students.
  • A community of excellent school leaders, teachers and support staff all determined to benefit from working collaboratively.
  • A CEO who has had two successful headships with leadership judged to be “outstanding” in both. Commissioned as an National Leader of Education to support and challenge school improvement.
  • A Deputy CEO who is widely regarded as an exceptional primary phase leader. Very much in demand for school to school support.
  • Senior Trust Officers with outstanding records in school leadership. All have very recent or current “hands on responsibility” for children’s outcomes. They have ‘done the job’ and understand the trials, tribulations and rewards of school leadership from personal experience.
  • An openness that all colleagues who are ‘career ready’ to provide support to others, inside or external to the Trust, will be given opportunities. We believe that to help other school leaders, sensitively and dynamically is the best CPD.
  • An annual CPD offer that can be tailored for personal professional development. Our Appraisal System is entirely positive and focussed around each individual’s professional progress.
  • An excellent record of school improvement. References available on request.
  • No unnecessary bureaucracy.
  • Highly experienced, outstanding governance.
  • A determination to let schools deploy their own budgets to the maximum.