Ofsted Rating


What Ofsted Says About the Trust

“High aspirations, for all pupils, are at the heart of the school’s ambitious curriculum. It is designed to give pupils the knowledge and understanding they need to succeed. The content covers the national curriculum and, in many areas, goes beyond. Disadvantaged pupils and pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) are well known and well supported. These pupils, including those in the specially resourced provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (specially resourced provision), make good progress, learning and remembering more. Higher attaining pupils are challenged through extensive additional content. A significantly high number of pupils take triple science, and the uptake of the English Baccalaureate is higher than the norm and improving. Pupils talk with confidence about their work. They can confidently articulate what they are learning”.


” The headteacher has created a clear and inclusive vision for the school. School and trust leaders support him well. Together, leaders have developed the breadth of education for all pupils and ensured that they learn skills for life. Trust leaders and governors know the school well and offer effective challenge and support. Pupils enjoy a very broad education. They talk enthusiastically about the range of clubs and trips. Pupils lead assemblies and they have time to discuss topics such as environmental awareness. They enjoy working with pupils from other trust schools. The forest school activities are enjoyed by pupils. They learn important life skills. Even the youngest pupils learn how to keep themselves safe while they build and light a fire.”

(NWPA OFSTED February 2020)

“I am so impressed with the school. All staff are passionate, hard-working, approachable and really care about the children. Morale is high and there is a palpable sense of teamwork across the school. Pupils learning behaviour is exemplary. Provision for pupils’ welfare is admirable. Pupils enjoy a varied range of learning opportunities. The headteacher and his team have done an amazing job turning this school and its old reputation around. It is now the school to go to in Haywards Heath.”


In addition to these commendations, the Secretary of State for Education has approved the Trust to open a brand new school for Haywards Heath. Hurst Farm Primary Academy will have a curriculum with a STEM focus. The Regional Schools Commissioner is keen for the Trust to expand within the region and is accordingly very supportive of our work. Now is the opportunity for any school joining in our collaborative Trust to be at the beginning of our expansion. There is the advantage that we are a ‘young’ rather than a ‘new’ Trust. We know what we are doing and yet we want to develop and continually improve. New partners would be able to contribute and influence how we do this.