Ofsted Rating


What Ofsted Says About the Trust

I am so impressed with the school. All staff are passionate, hard-working, approachable and really care about the children. Morale is high and there is a palpable sense of teamwork across the school. Pupils learning behaviour is exemplary. Provision for pupils’ welfare is admirable. Pupils enjoy a varied range of learning opportunities. The headteacher and his team have done an amazing job turning this school and its old reputation around. It is now the school to go to in Haywards Heath.


“This is a school which has improved considerably under the leadership of the well-respected Headteacher and the Directors of the Multi Academy Trust”

(WPPA OFSTED June 2015)

“The Academy Board of Directors are responsible for the governance of the school. Collectively they bring a wide range of skills and experience which support the development of the academy and the wider Trust. Directors have a very clear understanding of the strengths of the school. They are proud of the improvements made, without becoming complacent about the next steps needed to improve the school further. Directors are well informed about the academy’s performance. They balance the views of the Headteacher with those of other leaders, external evaluations and their own observations. Directors are rigorous in the way they hold senior leaders to account. They are able to show how performance management is used to reward strengths and challenge underperformance”

(WPPA OFSTED June 2015)

“Sussex Learning Trust’s Governors and the school’s Governors are extremely experienced and dedicated to the school’s success. They bring a wealth of relevant experience and wisdom to their meetings. They know exactly what is happening and what is not quite as strong as they and senior leaders would wish. They are rightly confident that they ‘never tread water’


In addition to these commendations, the Secretary of State for Education has approved the Trust to open a brand new school for Haywards Heath. Hurst Farm Primary Academy will have a curriculum with a STEM focus. The Regional Schools Commissioner is keen for the Trust to expand within the region and is accordingly very supportive of our work. Now is the opportunity for any school joining in our collaborative Trust to be at the beginning of our expansion. There is the advantage that we are a ‘young’ rather than a ‘new’ Trust. We know what we are doing and yet we want to develop and continually improve. New partners would be able to contribute and influence how we do this.