Our Academies


The trust currently consists of three academies – one secondary and two primaries – located across the Haywards Heath geographical region. The trust is looking to enrich this mix further with another Mid Sussex primary planned within the housing development to the South East of Haywards Heath.

Northlands Wood Primary Academy


NWPA joined the Sussex Learning Trust in May 2017. The academy was previously judged ‘good’ but is now expected to be deemed ‘outstanding’ at its next inspection. There is a lively and inquisitive atmosphere and an ethos where children excel. The academy has strengths in visual arts, sport and Forest Schools. The popularity of the academy has led to an increase in pupil numbers for 2018 onwards. Pupil outcomes are ‘outstanding’.

Warden Park Primary Academy


 In January 2012 Warden Park Primary Academy (formerly Heyworth Primary School) reopened, sponsored by Sussex Learning Trust.  The academy is judged by OFSTED (June 2015) as being “good” in all categories. The academy is a happy and safe place, where children are able to realise their full potential and learn from an exciting and challenging curriculum.

Thanks to powerful leadership and the efforts of a strong and dedicated staff team the school is on a clear upward trend of further improvement. We anticipate an ‘outstanding’ inspection in the near future.

Warden Park Secondary Academy


Warden Park is a very popular secondary school with a strong academic and sporting pedigree. Students enjoy a very broad curriculum that meets their wide-ranging individual enthusiasms and needs, including: separate sciences, dance, drama, music, history, geography, a wide range of technology options, Latin, classical civilisation, philosophy and at least one compulsory modern foreign language.

We encourage all students to qualify for the new English Baccalaureate. As a Leading Edge school, Warden Park also offers all students a wide range of enrichment opportunities including community service, critical thinking and entrepreneurship. Gifted and Talented students achieve particularly well at Warden Park, and the academy also has a reputation for supporting young people with special educational needs.

The academy is judged ‘good’ with ‘outstanding leadership’.

Hurst Farm Primary Academy

New Academy Opening Soon

Our exciting plans to establish a new 2-11 primary school for Haywards Heath are gathering momentum.  We have been allocated an excellent site and it is pleasing to learn that our bid was highly regarded. Assessors were impressed by the trust’s record of school improvement and were confident we had the calibre of staff required to deliver the project.  We are seeking to build a community of schools geographically located “next to each other” thereby creating outstanding networks for shared working and collaboration. We are advised against publicising when the new nursery and school will be open for business but there is an obvious need for new places in the town.  We intend to provide more information and consult local people in winter 2020.